Foot Surgery


Soft tissue surgeries under local anesthesia are available at our clinic for conditions such as:

          · Ingrown Toenails

          · Warts

          · Morton’s Neuroma 

          · Soft tissue masses, cysts, etc.


Procedures are performed in our modern and well equipped surgical suite.  Equipment is sterilized according to regulations. 

We offer minimal incision and traditional surgical procedures performed as an out-patient in our modern private surgical suite under local anaesthesia. We are committed to providing advanced surgical procedures, learned at leading medical institutions. Surgical intervention is typically reserved as a last resort if other modalities have failed.

All surgical procedures are performed in accordance to the acts permitted under the Ontario Chiropody Act.

Our Doctors of Podiatric Medicine were trained at leading hospitals including The Cleveland Clinic and the Greater Baltimore Medical Centre. 

Michael Mesic, DPM (chiropodist) has successfully performed over 1,500 surgical procedures during his training and offers his expertise to the residents of Niagara.