Swift Wart Treatment (Microwave Technology)

Say hello to Swift. The pioneering new microwave therapy device for foot warts with resolution rates ranging from 76 to 83%.  Plantar warts have long been a frustrating condition for both the patient and the clinician.  Finally there is an answer and we are extremely pleased to announce that we will be one of the first clinics in Canada to offer this innovative technology. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS About Swift Microwave Therapy for Warts

Clinical Studies & How it works

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Unlike historically ineffective destructive methods (freezing, salicylic acid, surgery, Laser etc), Swift targets the root cause of the wart, the HPV Virus.  Microwave energy is introduced into the skin, heating cells to between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius.  This heat initiates an immune cascade which allows the body to detect and attack the HPV virus, ridding the body of this painful condition. 

Treatment protocol includes an average of 3-4 visits with each treatment lasting only 5-10 minutes.  There is no need for local anesthetic, site preparation is minimal and there is no need for post-procedural dressings.  Patients are typically back on their feet immediately following the procedure and can continue on with daily life.   Visits are spaced 4 weeks apart to coincide with the body’s immune cycle, with follow up scheduled for 12 weeks following the final treatment.  Complete resolution is aligned with the strength of the patient’s immune response with younger patients seeing typically faster resolution and elderly patients with more recalcitrant warts sometimes requiring additional treatment. 

Below is a quick summary of the outcomes Swift has delivered to the near 40,000 patients that have been treated in the United Kingdom:

98% of patients continue daily tasks as normal following Swift Treatment

70% of patients rated the treatment a 10/10

95% of patients would recommend Swift Treatment to a friend

Swift is Health Canada approved and is now available in the Niagara Region.  We are thrilled to be among the first adopters.  If you or someone you know has been dealing with plantar warts, you know how painful and frustrating this condition can be.  We now have an answer and look forward to helping all those in need.  If you think you could benefit from Swift Treatment, please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.   We look forward to seeing you…