In The News: Foot Treatment Goes High Tech


Foot treatment goes high-tech. Michael Mesic, a doctor of podiatric medicine and director of Canadian Foot Clinic and Orthotic Centre, has introduced a modern laser treatment for yellow toenails and warts at his Niagara Street clinic. It’s the first full-time unit available for treatment in Niagara, says Mesic.

Scott Rosts, staff
April 19, 2012

When it comes to technology, Michael Mesic knows it’s important to be at the forefront. So when Health Canada approved laser treatment for clearing of yellow toenails and warts, he invested in the technology.

Mesic, a doctor of podiatric medicine (chiropodist) and director of Canadian Foot Clinic and Orthotic Centre, located at 166 Niagara St. in St. Catharines, made the laser procedure, Genesis Plus, available earlier this year and was the first to offer the service full-time in Niagara Region.

“There is a big need for this in Niagara, particularly with the aging population,” said Mesic, noting fungal infection of toenails is a common problem, and can usually be a tough problem to treat. The topical medications are often ineffective .  The oral anti-fungal medications have a significant potential side effect profile, but simultaneous treatment with these medications and LASER is recommended, he said.

When the Cutera Genesis Plus unit received approval from Health Canada last July for warts and the clearing of the nail in patients with fungal toenails, he saw the advantages and brought a unit on line. The laser sends heat into the deep layers of the nail and nail bed, and can result in a clear nail. There are about 10 of them available in Ontario, but Mesic says his was the first available on a full-time basis in the region.

“It’s as simple as a 30-minute session at the clinic,” said Mesic of the non-toxic treatment, noting it offers effective treatment, in which healthy new growth is typically visible in about three months. “People are excited about the new technology once they hear about it because of the convenience – there’s no down time, it’s non-invasive and it’s a safe and often effective solution.”

Mesic, who is one of Ontario’s longest trained foot specialists with 12 years education and residency training at the Cleveland Clinic, said early studies show success rates of about 70 percent for treatment. The service is just one of many offered at Canadian Foot Clinic and Orthotic Centre. Mesic, who takes pride in offering modern technology, is also the first facility to offer custom orthotics using a 3D laser casting scanner and offers a cold laser for treatment of soft tissue injury and pain. He also offers everything from routine and diabetic foot care, to ingrown toenail correction procedures.

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