Wart Liquid Nitrogen Freezing (Cryotherapy)

Cryotherapy is a standard treatment for warts that uses liquid nitrogen (-196 C) to freeze and deaden the tissue. Cryotherapy is one of many possible wart treatments offered at our clinic.

Treatments takes less than a minute and are usually performed every 2-3 weeks until resolution.

During the procedure, the foot specialist applies the liquid nitrogen to the wart using a probe or a cotton swab. Liquid nitrogen can also be sprayed directly on the wart. The freezing liquid can cause some temporary discomfort or pain, blistering, etc.  

Most cryotherapy treatment requires return visits to ensure that the wart is completely removed.  At these visits the dead warty tissue is often trimmed and size re-evaluated.  

Studies show that cryotherapy is successful about two-thirds of the time.  Liquid nitrogen may be used in combination with other treatments.